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Launch of our Law Firm

The LWB Law Firm was set up in 1997 by legal counsels Anna Lengiewicz and Magdalena Wrońska, both already then experienced in providing legal services to business entities. During the 90. of 20th century the founders and first partners together with yet another partner – Agnieszka Berezowska – all acting on part of the state administration, participated in introducing foreign entities onto the Polish market and took part in legislation works connected with economic and political changes that were taking place in Poland. They also provided advisory services during the process of privatization of State Treasury companies (inclusive but not limited to KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.) and conducted trainings for the Ministry of Privatization at that time within the scope of companies law.

The LWB Law Office has always had its corporate domicile in the Harenda building at the Royal Route in Warsaw. In 1997 only two persons worked for the Office – i.e. the partners Anna Lengiewicz and Magdalena Wrońska. Presently, the team of the Office comprises over twenty persons, inclusive four partners – legal counsels Anna Lengiewicz, Magdalena Wrońska,  Agnieszka Berezowska (a partner since 1999) and Dorota Kobylecka (a partner since 2007).

Starting from the very beginning, the Law Office has been providing legal advisory services both to foreign entities investing in Poland and to Polish business entities, inclusive State Treasury companies. Our employees, commissioned by the State Treasury Minister, participated, inter alia, in preparation of legal due diligence analyses of  Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., Bank Pekao S.A., PZU S.A.,  during the process of privatization thereof.

Throughout years of the Law Firm’s activities its employees have handled real estate transactions and construction investments. They have also provided ongoing legal services to developers, to companies operating in chemical industry, telecommunication companies, power energy companies in the renewable energy sector and to large format retail trade companies.

In 2011 LWB Law Office started providing legal services to the extent of consumer protection law.

Law Office Today

Today LWB Law Firm provides complex legal services to Polish and foreign business entities. A group of our clients includes, inter alia, developers, power energy companies, chain stores, providers of telecommunication services as well as consumer and industrial goods producers.

We offer professional legal assistance at every stage of activity on the Polish market – while setting up companies, branches and representative offices, when doing day-to-day business, during the process of trade negotiations, investment transactions and acquisition of stocks, shares or enterprises. Our Law Office team specializes in providing legal counselling in matters connected with investments on the real estate market, in power energy and telecommunication sectors, as well as in rendering corporate services to entrepreneurs.

Extensive legal knowledge of our team supported by many years of practice in providing services to business entities allows us to understand the point of view of entrepreneurs and their expectations, and in consequence to connect legal and business aspects of solutions presented to our Clients.

Following the needs of our Clients, caused by, inter alia, difficult economic situation, we have specialized in legal proceedings and legal administrative procedure,  representing out clients in numerous economic and administrative disputes.

We provide legal service in Polish, English, Spanish, German, Hebrew and Russian. We also cooperate with an experienced team of sworn translators specializing in drawing up legal and economic texts.

Since 2011 LWB Law Firm has also represented natural persons (unincorporated) in disputes with entities violating consumers’ rights. The Law Firm conducts negotiations and legal proceedings initiated by class action to that extent and also cooperates with district (city/town) consumer advocates.

LWB Law Firm takes part on a regular basis in the “Rzeczpospolita” ranking of best law firms in Poland.

Cooperation with Chambers of Commerce

Since the beginning of its activity, LWB Law Office has been active in joining initiatives with a view to support economic cooperation of Poland with other countries and to promote Poland as the state of firm and stable legal system guaranteeing security of commercial trading.

Since 2005 the Law Office is a member of the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce with its registered seat in Warsaw.

In August 2016 LWB Law Office participated in creation of the Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Anna Lengiewicz – managing partner, became the President of Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

We regularly participate in events organized by Chambers of Commerce focused on development and tightening of international business cooperation, as well as presenting investment possibilities in Spain and Israel to Polish entities, whereas to entrepreneurs from these countries – perspectives of development of their operations on the territory of Poland.

Cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and regional branch offices gives great opportunity for member firms to exchange experience, as well as allows us to present Poland as a country which is worth taking into account when planning to launch international development projects.