24 December 2016 – the final deadline set by the Court to join the class action against SKANDIA to determine (active policies).

Please send your representations on joining the group along with the documents either by registered mail or submit them in person to the address:

Lengiewicz Wrońska Berezowska i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza s.c.
ul. Trębacka 4
00-074 Warsaw

In order to verify whether you case qualifies as eligible for a class action and in order to receive a form containing the representation on joining the group, we kindly ask you to file an application using the form available from http://lwb.com.pl/lwb_4/polisolokaty/skandia-pozew-o-ustalenie/#zgloszenie or to send an email to: przywiazanidopolisy@lwb.com.pl or send an application by registered mail to the above specified address of LWB Law Office.

The filling out of the form only does not result in joining the class action!

On 24 October 2016 in Gazeta Wyborcza, the Circuit Court in Warsaw announced that a class action had been initiated against Skandia Życie TU S.A. (presently: Vienna Life TU na Życie S.A. Vienna Insurance Group), (hereinafter referred to as “SKANDIA”). The claim concerns persons – consumers who concluded with SKANDIA unit-linked life insurance agreements for a specified time limit from 15 to 30 years, who did not terminate such agreements and who seek:

  1. that the Court recognize that they constitute abusive contractual provisions and that the group members are not bound by the provisions on the value of the amounts to be disbursed to the group members and the amounts to be collected from the group members in the event of termination of unit-linked life insurance and
  2. that the Court determine that in the event of terminating insurance agreements SKANDIA is obliged to pay out to the group members the amounts equal to the value of their policy accounts.

It is possible to join the class proceedings against SKANDIA within a non-negotiable deadline of 2 months following the publication of the advertisement. The deadline for joining the action lapses on 24 December 2016. This means that not later than on that day the Law Office should receive from you a written representation on joining the group. Joining the group after that date is inadmissible.

Scan of the press advertisement of 24 October 2016

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