On 7 October 2016 the Appellate Court in Warsaw issued a final decision stating that the class action against AXA for payment – to reimburse liquidation fees collected by AXA will be examined as class proceedings. The Appellate Court in Warsaw dismissed the complaint by AXA in its entirety. The Court’s ruling means that the stage of examining the admissibility of the claim has ended successfully and the case will be heard as a class action.

Moreover, the Appellate Court validly adjudicated that there are no grounds for AXA to demand a deposit to secure the costs of the trial.

The ruling of the Appellate Court means that the case will be examined by the Court on the basis of the Act on seeking claims in class proceedings and the action may be joined by all persons who concluded with AXA unit-linked life insurance agreements, who subsequently terminated that agreement and from whom AXA collected the so-called liquidation fee.

The action includes the following products (investment plans):

  • Plan Inwestycyjny AXA,
  • Plan inwestycyjny AXA Premia,
  • Plan Inwestycyjny AXA Profit,
  • Plan Inwestycyjny Regularian,
  • Plan Inwestycyjny Systematicus,
  • Plan Inwestycyjny AXA Plus,
  • Plan Inwestycyjny VIP,
  • Plan Inwestycyjny Profit Sieć Sprzedaży Expander sp. z o.o.